one hundred one.
13 December 2004 @ 23:17
music: elliott smith - coast to coast

ten days until my birthday? jesus.

nothing's really new - if anything, things have become more static. except i'm up to half a pack a day of cigarettes. and i somehow (again) obtained a pain controlling transdermal patch. 100mg of it, which is on my left shoulder blade, is equal to 80 times the strength of morphine. i shit you not, look it up.

the power cable to my laptop got bent or something, so i had to shell out $90 for a new one, since its not covered under my extended warranty i bought for $130. yeah, i got fucked in the ass on that deal. so i'm using my last 45 minutes of battery power to write this, check email and then crash, wondering how i'll feel in the morning with this patch on all night.

tomorrow i should get the new power cable, and my new cell phone. its one of the new ones where you can watch live tv and shit on it. and i started up a "moblog" or whatever its called. so i'll try posting weird shit up on there...with maybe more photos of me other than the two already online - my drivers' license and me at my 'safehouse' in boston, completely on the nod thanks to my ex-friend heroin.

its a funny photo actually.

i've been talking to my old friend from the middle school/high school days, tom. we talk everyday, mostly about him and his stories about sleeping with a different girl each night, and mine about my various substance abuses and life in general. mostly weird philosophies i have.

i'm going to be e-hiding for a few days, so if you need me, call my london (england, dumbass) or my NYC number. not my l.a. number.


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