01 December 2004 @ 03:58

wow its already december. only 23 days left until the birthday - my birthday. scary thoughts.

i started something i thought i had given up a long time ago - smoking. i'm not sure why, but i bought a pack of camel special lights when i was getting gas for my car. talking online and trying not to get smoke in my eyes is definitely a tough job. i hope this won't become a habit. please.

i put on a morphine transdermal patch today, and supposedly it takes like 24 hours to take effect. and at something like 12 hours now, i'm feeling kinda okay yay. so maybe this will be an answer to my pain problems instead of taking percocet or vicodin all day long. but seriously...morphine in patches? this is an amazing world.

fuck. i hate it when i finally get the nerve to blow money on something online, and then the website is down for overnight maintenance. it's making me more upset than i should be, but come on!

i can't resist the cajun women. i've been talking to a bonafide cajun hottie for a few days and i'm stoked to meet her. she sounds gnarly.

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