going shopping. online. a lot.
06 December 2004 @ 13:52

i'm also bad about updating this thing. but its not like there's anything exciting going on. except i finally found a decent fucking working server. i can be such a geek sometimes. or more.

all the hot girls are in south louisiana. i'm so lucky.

finally i have some free time to work on my art and photography. this should make me happy. if i get the ambition to make a new layout soon, i'll post some of my latest work.

i'm everybody's therapist recently. so feel free to ask me for advice: [email protected]. i promise i'll try my best.

phadion is totally down helping me publish my photo table book. this is muy exciting. SO exciting.

that's all i have for now. its raining everyday and i couldn't be happier because of it.


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